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In my retirement, with an academic background in ethnography; the focus on human behaviour, I stepped outside accepted boundaries. This research is a niche potential for behavioural profiling in criminal cases.

  • past behaviour is usually the indicator for future behaviour
  • I bring a method of criminal profiling outside of the accepted norm in contemporary academic circles.

My reasoning for taking this step has been to explore further into the potential of human behaviour of individuals –  not limited to a known record of past behaviour;  for opportunities when past behaviour is not available and speed is of the essence to make decisions within an investigation of a crime.

I’ve been able to include the likelihood of  personal, social, and cultural influences of early childhood experiences from what I term ‘a natural version of reality’ which is unique to everyone.

By utilising each individual’s  ‘perceived norm’ behavioural pattern, current potential behaviour can quickly and easily be identified.

  • The method  is quite simple and mathematical
  • The messenger I use is astrology software based on GPS, and text-book interpretation.
    • Note that if astronomy software was available, I’d use that, however to the best of my knowledge, it is not.
  • Expect Greco/Roman mythological characters to enter the interpretation.

FYI:  I don’t take on any requests for private work, promote a private enterprise, or accept financial remuneration.