An introduction…

For those not familiar with my work, I am an academic behaviourist who uses the ‘belief system’ of astrology in order to identify perpetrators, solve crime, and recover those lost to us as a result of crime whenever possible. The bonus is that we all learn more about astrology for ourselves.

Why astrology:
Basically, I considered astrology to be the least patriarchal of the ancient belief systems that I could utilise as a method to express my interest in victim-criminal behavioural interaction.

Please realise that the zodiac is just a backdrop to measure against; primarily I use it as  language. However the focus needs to be on the math. Once y’all get it that astrology can be used as a tool, not some mystical prediction method, then you’re on a home run…

Why complicate the basic planets by adding the asteroids to any interpretation?

In western society, the constellations were given names according to characters familiar to us in Greco/Roman mythology; a metaphor for western societal behaviour. The asteroids flesh out the basic skeleton; tell us the story of the likely behaviour at a crime scene.

Often-times when we are working in our Facebook group in real-time crimes, we need to work quickly and a lack of birth-times of victims and/or POI means that we cannot profile behaviour with a high degree of relevance from just a horoscope.  I made the decision to view a horoscope through the perspective of an incident; generate a bi-wheel aligned by the backdrop of astrology – the zodiac.

An astrological incident chart is generated from an authoritative time – a 911 call, or cctv, video capture of a clock time and a location. This gives us the angles and house placements; the field of action in which victims and perpetrators would have interacted.  There is no vested interest.

Using this ‘incident time’, we can then create a bi-wheel/synastry chart with victim, or POI aligned by the zodiac backdrop. This provides an unbiased and more relevant approach to interpretation. The inner chart is the incident and the outer wheel that of the person of interest to us.

Aspects used:
Conjunction, square, opposition, quindecile and quincunx. If needed, I will generate a chart on astrodienst giving us access to case-specific asteroid placements for both charts.

My method of interpretation is classic from 17th century translations of earlier works, rather than contemporary popular culture.  I lean on the known malefics; used for more years than any of us can remember, and as my strength is in Occidental mythology I bring the planetary symbolism/mythical stories to the interpretation.

Evaluation for a case study:  which case to undertake, and which to leave for others.

This evaluation is made from my personal history; literally an educated guess/strategic decision. I have a pretty good idea straight up, of whether I can make a difference, and where I’ll likely hit a wall with the information I am given. That’s what life experience is. – the ability to make snap decisions based on experience. It’s not a talent that I have, nor a gift endowed on me. I am not a psychic. It’s using my brain to make a reasoned decision; be reasonable within the mathematical environment of game theory.

Sometimes I’m off the mark. I am not infallible, however I retain the right to make the decision as to whether we take on a case, or not.

My insistence on needing an ‘authoritative time’ (objective) in order to take on many cases ,appears to fall on deaf ears.  For those not familiar with this work, know that the method used by me, is based on the premise of two snapshots of the pattern in the heavens with specific locations and dates (time and place) – which together, reveal potential tension. eg a DOB of a victim and/or a POI is one snapshot, and the other is a timed event of significance to an incident/crime.

Rule of thumb: *** No time= no case. ***

A missing person report (MPR), or a 911 call certainly has emotion attached to it by the caller (subjective), however the report is received by an objective party  ie law enforcement on the occasion of a 911 call.

A video recording/CCTV has no human element to it. It’s a mechanical device recording a snapshot in time and place, which is exactly what an astrology chart is – a snapshot at a location at a particular time.

Note: Subjective refers to personal perspectives, feelings, or opinions entering the decision making process. Objective refers to the elimination of subjective perspectives and a process that is purely based on hard facts.

A ‘last seen’ time of a POI or a possible victim, can be useful to interpret in the context of potential in relation to an incident/crime, however ‘last seen’ time is limited to that location and time, not any time in the future. Not 5minutes ahead, not an hour ahead…..

For generating basic charts within our Facebook group, I insist that the time provided needs to be precise, in order for the astrology to hold relevance, otherwise any interpretation is potentially irrelevant; plucked out of a hat like a rabbit.