The math; hard aspects

An introduction to the math for those not familiar with astrology terminology. Get your head around the following and you’ll have a flying start to understanding any interpretation I make, in relation to astrology and crime.

An astrology chart is a circle of 360degrees. The mathematical angles produced within this circle are referred to as ‘aspects’. We work with the ‘Hard Aspects’ – not hard to understand, moreso – hard, as in generating psychological tension in the eternal search for order in our lives. The word just happens to be ‘hard’.

How you, or I interpret this word ‘hard’, is based on our own ‘version of reality’ of what ‘hard’ means for each of us. You can toss the word into the ‘too hard basket’, and deny any understanding, or you can engage with your little grey cells and enjoy the journey with me.

Interpreting behaviour in relation to a hard aspect – ie getting the message that this tension is attempting to communicate/ identifying the desire that is lacking in our lives – depends on an individual’s understanding of what tension/stress is for them, as an individual.

Basically, determining what a hard aspect represents, is based on a natural survival response to potential threat, external stress, or tension. The natural drive for us as humans, is to seek order in our environment, according to each person’s version of reality; thereby avoiding chaos.
In astrology, the basis of a person’s reality is determined by the pattern in the heavens at the time and place of their birth; their horoscope; a natal chart. I refer to this pattern in the heavens as a person’s ‘version of reality’; his, or her ‘norm’.

When it comes to exploring the pattern at a future time in life, a similar interpretation is made of these Hard Aspects while the planets orbit around the Sun, in real time. However in this real-time existence, it is a matter of the time and place that is generating the added tension; the pattern that generates a potential incident.

So when this new pattern generates Hard Aspects with an already accepted ‘version of reality’ (a birth chart), this is where there is the possibility of the ensuing chaos generating aberrant behaviour. This team, is where you’ll find me.

Apart from individual interpretation of existing patterns, I put these two patterns side-by-side within the dimensions of the accepted zodiac, and interpret the potential crisis, or crises affecting a victim, and or a perpetrator. This is interpreting the synastry between a person’s version of reality, and an incident.
The accepted Hard Aspects within Western Astrology in a horoscope/natal chart are as follows.

  • #1 Conjunction – when planets are orbiting within 1-2 degrees of each other. ie the same position in the sky when we observe from our planet, Earth.
    The behaviour that results from this aspect: When two planets are so close together they appear to be inseparable, so the belief is that the inter-dependency is ‘the norm’ and therefore their individual symbolism blurs. This blurring is the tension generated by a conjunction.
  • #2 Square – 90degrees apart.
    The appearance is that of being off-sided; not in alignment.
  • #3 Quincunx- 150degrees apart.
    This generates a mathematical inconsistency with the reality of what constitutes ‘order’ (150degrees does not find a balance within the 360degrees of a circle) , therefore a degree of difference of 150degrees is interpreted by us as chaotic. However when in a natal chart, this chaos is rationalised as being ‘a norm’ by the native.
    When this aspect is evidenced, we can expect the behaviour as symbolissed by the planetary action as having entered a chaotic state.
  • #4 Opposition – 180degrees apart.
    This is apparent as being ‘in the mirror’, aka ‘in your face’, potentially opposed. The tension is in making the decision as to which to face, and which to turn one’s back on. Trust is the issue with this aspect.
  • #5 Quindecile – 165 degrees apart.
    The word Quindecile translates to English as 15 (5+10). A quindecile is 15 degrees either side of the position of opposition.
    Again this is a discordant degree in relation to 360degrees, however the close proximity to an opposition appears to create confusion resulting in the search for order being compulsive. Order is potentially slipping into chaos and the need is to bring it back.