Delphi… Indiana

Place and time; the basics of a crime and also what is needed to create a snapshot of the heavens for an astrology chart.

Motivated by sexual impulses; this is a case study of possibilities of behaviour as a result of the mathematical tension at a specific ‘place and time’; latitude and longitude, together with a specific time relevant to a crime.

This is a subjective approach; the zodiac, a backdrop for this math approach. All interpretation is from classic astrology texts relied on across more lifetimes than I can count.

Delphi, Indiana 86w41,40n35 – 2:07pm 13 February 2017

In the heavens over Delphi, Indiana at 2:07pm on 13 February 2017, a photo was uploaded from a cellphone to Snapchat. The human criminal activity that followed, led to the murders of Abby Williams and Libby German. This crime remains unsolved.

Any classic approach to interpreting an astrology chart in a criminal case, is to seek the position of the malefic planets within the pattern in the heavens. Mars, Saturn, and Pluto are the primary motivators in any study of tension that could result in violence.

In midpoint analysis, we look for the point of murder – midway between Saturn and Pluto; the struggle between ambition, and power in relation to control. Mars is the actioning of the result.

Note: Tension is the term I use for what, in astrology, is referred to as ‘hard aspects’. These are particular degrees of aspect between planets within the circle of 360°: conjunction 1-2° between planets, a square 90°, and opposition 180°. I also include the quincunx of 150° and quindecile 165°.   Further information in relation to these hard aspects.

Asteroids included in this sexual crime case: AbbyW, Devience (deviant behaviour), Photographica (photos), Prey (predatory behaviour), Ragazza (a young girl), Sado (sadistic behaviour). Plus our regular toolkit, which includes Ixion (murder flag).

A snapshot of the heavens ‘time and place’ specific. 2:07pm Delphi Indiana.  click on image for full size of chart

The malefics:

Saturn is noted in this pattern, as being at 25°Sagittarius, and Pluto at 18°Capricorn. The midpoint therefore of Saturn/Pluto = 7°Capricorn. This will be the focus of the malefic intent; the focus of the internal struggle of behaviour desired by the perpetrator.

Mars is the third of the malefics; 12°Aries in this pattern. It is Mars that is indicative of the acting-out of the desires, rather than the desires themselves.

Note: Sex crimes are usually based on internal power struggles of the perpetrator.

Interpretation of this chart:

The first steps in any interpretation is to make note of any tension in relation to the time and place; the MC-IC axis for timing, and the horizontal axis; the horizon line east-west for location.

Location – Horizontal angle:

Asteroid Ragazza sits on the horizontal axis; exact the descendant, 5°Capricorn – cusp of the 7th house of public relationships. Being on the horizon, we know that interaction between the girls and the perpetrator occurred at this location, that the interaction was not with a sibling, a friend, or a parent.

Timing – Vertical angle:

The planet Neptune 11°Pisces is at the midheaven – 12°Pisces; immediately overhead. Neptune at an angle does not bode well for a quick outcome for a case, as Neptune symbolism is indicative of the intangible, and subversive activity.

We note at this axis of timing12°Pisces-Virgo (timing), that the malefic, Mars 12°Aries is in quincunx aspect with 12°Virgo = disregard for the consequences of actions taken at this time. The indication is likely of an opportunistic, rather than premeditated crime.

Further tension:

  • Asteroid AbbyW, Uranus, and Eris at 21-22°Aries form a stellium/inter-dependent; all of which are square Vesta 21°Cancer, and also Prey 21°Capricorn. This tension is a complex pattern, and likely relates to the initial interaction strategy of the perpetrator to create confusion. This tension is further inflated by opposition to Jupiter 23°Libra.
    • Note: Vesta in Cancer unfortunately, can lead to ‘going into a shell’ for security, rather than open resistance.
  • The Moon at 29°Virgo is square Pholus 29°Sagittarius = mistakes made due to personal needs, and heightened emotional behaviour are evident.
  • Jupiter at 23°Libra, apart from being in opposition to the stellium in Aries, is also quincunx Chiron 23°Pisces = indication that the disregard for the consequences of any action taken at this time is inflated even further, creating trouble and strife; confusion. This may well be part of the perpetrators strategy when he has multiple prey.
  • 0°Sagittarius; Mean Apogee-BML is conjunct asteroid Sado = the weakest link in this chart is that of sadistic behaviour as being of primary concern.
  • Saturn conjunct Ixion 25°Sagittarius, both of which are square asteroid Devience 25°Pisces. This tension identifies the detail of the murder as being that of ‘deviant sexual behaviour’.
  • AP Fortuna conjunct Mercury 9°Aquarius is where destiny and communication meet in the heavens. As this tension is in the 8th house of the astrology wheel, the realm is that of endings/transformation of the interchange between victim and perpetrator.
    • I would suggest at best, that the legacy left by Libby German’s phone records will lead to the resolution of this case.
  • At 4°Pisces South Node conjunct Nessus = the effect/outcome of any interaction is as the result of an abuse of trust.

A person of interest (POI):

Our POI for this case study, KPH has a date of birth of 25 June 1974. This male is not considered to be a suspect by law enforcement at the time of writing, that I am aware of. I elect not to identify him in this text as I am aware that he has been brought to the attention of law enforcement.

We must leave that decision to the investigation team to resolve whether there is opportunity. The motive is not in question, when we consider his criminal history. Our study remains subjective.

click on image for full size of chart

Having limited information in relation to our POI’s birth, does not mean ‘the end of the world’ for an astrology enquiry. Apart from the precise Moon placement during the 24hour cycle on the date of his birth (time of birth), we can still study the math between the planets and asteroids for 25 June 1974, and interpret the potential behavioural tension therein.

The malefics in KPH’s natal pattern:

Saturn 7°Cancer:

  • As well as the ambition of generating stategies, Saturn is also quincunx Neptune 7Sagittarius (subversive behaviour).

Note this 7°Cancer natal Saturn point in the heavens comes very much to our attention once we put the two charts together – 7°Cancer is in the mirror of anything transiting at 7°Capricorn and therefore square 7°Aries (transiting Venus) and 7°Libra, as well.

Pluto 4°Libra:

  • Pluto square Sun 3°Cancer. Any tension with the Sun is in the realm of the ego; what the native ‘wants/desires’. In this case the ego is empowered by Pluto.

Mars 10°Leo:

  • Mars opposite Pallas = strategist.
    • Pallas quincunx Saturn’s ambition is therefore released by the act of strategy
    • Pallas 8°Aquarius is also square Ragazza 9°Scorpio.
    • The combination of this tension relates to the behavioural strategy used by the predator.

Further tension:

We seek out further tension in relation to this egoic Sun at 3°Cancer desire to overpower by the square with Pluto’s 4°Libra.

  • There is a quindecile aspect between the Sun and his North Node (family) and likely relates to early interaction with his female nurturer; usually the mother.
  • The 18°Sagittarius North Node is also inflated further by a square with Jupiter; status within the family then reflects back to his personal needs; Moon – mid-range in Virgo.
  • Chiron in Aries is commonly interpreted as ‘a fear of authenticity’; potentially lashing out against any criticism by others.
  • At 24°Aries the tension with Chiron in this horoscope is threefold; two quindeciles (obsessive behaviour) with 9°Scorpio Ragazza (young girls) and also with 9°Libra Vesta (hidden/a sacrificial element). The third aspect is an opposition with Uranus at 23°Libra.
    • This then tells us that Uranus is also the midpoint of Ragazza/Vesta; erratic, mentally unstable behaviour evident would be his ‘version of reality’ for himself; his norm.

In order to consider how the natural ‘version of reality’ leads to criminal behaviour at a particular time and place, we interpret the further tension by combining the two charts aligned by the zodiac.

We can view the likely behaviour by our POI through the perspective of the incident chart by generating a biwheel; aligned by the zodiac. The complexity of the hard aspects in this chart, identifies the intensity of the potential behaviour by the POI – if indeed he is present at this location and time.
Note this interpretation is dependant on his being at the location at this time for it to be of relevance.

2:07pm  together with the horoscope for KPH (click on image for full size of chart)

The malefics:

Again we address the malefics as our priority by addressing the midpoint of 7°Capricorn, revealing the interaction of the two charts.

Note the position of Venus in the heavens on 13 February 2017:
Venus is transiting at 7°Aries. Venus = peer groups, females, personal assets etc. When we consider the companionship of the girls as being a peer group… then as a couple, their position is as the classic female position of Venus in astrology symbolism for this case.

We know that the midpoint of ‘potential murder’ is 7°Capricorn (Saturn/Pluto) This point in the heavens is exactly square Venus 7°Aries, and so when we bring KPH’s horoscope pattern to the scene, we know that his Saturn at 7°Cancer is exact the ‘murder midpoint’ and therefore is also square transiting Venus – so his ambition(Saturn) is certainly present in the interaction of tension.

His desire is to control and overpower the victims/Abby and Libby.

Location – Horizontal axis 5°Cancer-Capricorn

  • 5°Cancer Ascendant=natal Sun/Saturn midpoint. The focus is the location and the internal struggle is between ego (what he wants) and ambition to fulfill his desires. Therefore with the focus on the location, the egoic ambition to physically control is evident.
  • 5°Capricorn Ragazza=natal Sun/Saturn midpoint – Again the focus is the removal from the location this time (the descendant) and on the girls in particular. The ego’s desires internal struggle with self-control at thiw location is evident.
  • Ascendant 5°Cancer quindecile natal North Node – obsessively traumatic behaviour at the location. Tension with LNA on the horizontal axis indicates that the crime is local to the area.
  • Descendant 5°Capricorn quindecile natal South Node – outcome of the attack at the location. This is indicative of the crime being in the locality, rather than an abduction and transporting to elsewhere.

Further tension in the biwheel:

  • Transiting Mars 12°Aries square natal Mercury 11°Cancer – activating the initiation of communication; going with the flow.
  • Transiting Mercury 9°Aquarius is opposite natal Mars 9°Leo (add here also activating natal Pallas and all accompanying natural behavioural response by natal Mars). Communication ‘works-with’ the perpetrator’s natural strategy method (for seduction).
  • Transiting Venus 7°Aries square natal Saturn 7°Cancer. Venus would be symbolic of the girls as a peer group most likely. Note also that this position connects to the complications of the murder pattern 7°Capricorn.
  • Transiting Jupiter 23°Libra conjunct natal Uranus 23°Libra – the ability to make sudden changes by the POI is inflated by Jupiter.

Best we can hope for is a quick resolution by law enforcement, if indeed the male KPH is a genuine suspect in this horrific crime.