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Star power; IF only …

The following is an astrology interpretation of a horoscope of an Australian-born male who converted from the Mormon faith, to the Church of Christ at the age of 22. Both belief systems are minor religions; exclusive, rather than inclusive of mainstream Australian societal norms. The latter are active lobbyists with political aspirations, which I suspect has been motivation for the current litigation.

This high profile sportsman is currently embroiled in an unfair dismissal case (since resolved).

The most an astrology interpretation can offer in this particular case, is a social commentary in relation to behavioural motivation underlying the decision to change from one faith, to another. 

Please note that astrology is not recognised in any court of law. Astrology has been a belief system since medieval times, however never a religion.

A horoscope:

The Moon = primary needs of an individual:  

Without a time of birth, we must take into consideration when interpreting, that the position of the Moon in this natal chart is mid-range (noon time).  The fixed position could be up to 6degrees either side of 0:14°Pisces, however the symbolism is not lost on us when we note the proximity to the ecliptic; the North Node at 2:55°Pisces.  

His relationship with his mother in early childhood would be significant to the development of his driving needs.

Note: North Node is symbolic of family, which then extends through life to the larger concept of family; both social and cultural.

North Node-Honeycutt conjunction: together forever, this conjunction identifies a desire for ‘needing more’ in a familial sense. Honeycutt = desire for a bigger piece of the pie.  More of mother, more family, more close, more of what family means to the individual. The manifestation can be needy, to the point of smothering.

North Node-Honeycutt square asteroid Martir (martyrdom) at 0:57° Rx in Sagittarius, we know that the agenda will be status-opinion-respect related.  A square= off-sided; in the periphery of vision; ‘niggling away’, creating anxiety.  Martyrdom is the manifestation of this aspect. This martyrdom is the anxiety, which results from the initial driving need relationship of the mother-child relationship.

This asteroid; Martir, has further tension in the overall pattern in the heavens…. from the status position in Sagittarius, to the constellation symbolic of communication; Gemini.  The tension is a quindecile aspect, which reveals an obsessive-compulsive potential between martyrdom and the communication of fanaticism – asteroid Fanatica is at 14:37°Gemini.

Alongside this asteroid Fanatica is the planet Mars; the planet which is symbolic of taking action to fulfil one’s desires. Mars is at 13:54°Gemini.  His actions will likely be seen to be that of a fanatic; exclusive, rather than inclusive in societal terms.

Note: the natural ruler of the zodiac of Gemini, is Mercury; the Messenger of the Gods in Greco/Roman mythology.  From a primary need to be a martyr – to fanatic – to taking action, it is no stretch of the imagination to suggest that the basic need of this character, is to ‘deliver God’s message’.  The method of fulfilling this desire is another matter.

All of the above would be part of the very early childhood behavioural development. By observation of inter-parental behaviour, the child’s interpretation becomes the basis for his primary needs – the nature element.  Others would interpret this behavioural trait as, inherent.

From this interpretation, we would expect our character to have followed in his father’s footsteps and become a preacher, however the young man has taken the lay-preacher role to date, using his public position to deliver his message. 

The Sun = fulfilling the ego’s desires:

Sun is at 13:18°Aries; the Cardinal-Fire zodiac sign of an ego instigating what he wants.  Note that while the Moon is symbolic of personal needs, the Sun identifies what he wants.  This Sun is not operating freely as the personal planets of Mercury-Venus at 11-12°Aries form a stellium with the Sun.  The ego is caught-up with what can only be described as ‘idealism’.  The ego forms the notion of idealism; a subjective notion in order to fulfil the ego’s desires, rather than the ability to remain objective about what he wants. 

Note: Idealism is a mental construct as to what ‘reality’ is for a particular individual. Idealism manifests as a skeptical point of view of knowing any mind-independent matter. When Mercury and Venus are conjoined, communication and values are inter-dependent.

This behavioural pattern of Sun-Mercury-Venus will likely manifest with the ego either choosing to ignore, or deny its existence, and with Martir and Fanatica in the mix, there will always be the risk of projecting anti-social behaviour away from the ego, rather than face the music.  This of course could be addressed with therapy and/or with maturation of the ego.

Tension with this stellium of Sun-Mercury-Venus extends to a quincunx with Pluto Rx at 14:37°Scorpio.

Note:  A quincunx= disregard for the consequences of one’s actions;  unconscionable conduct.  Pluto in Scorpio is symbolic of the desire to control by agitation.

Pluto is also quincunx Mars-Fanatica at 13-14°Gemini.  His fanaticism is in the realm of communication; so the belief is that, ‘with communication comes power’.

Unconscionable conduct could well be up for discussion in mediation during the litigation process, however the compainant would protect his ego by deference to a ‘freedom of speech/religion’ point of view, given the opportunity. 

The chink in the armour; the vulnerability, in my opinion, lies in the idealism that this man has formed; that which his ego clings to as being idealism. 

Desires, extension of the primary drivers:

Sun-Mercury-Venus is square Saturn-Neptune at 12-13°Capricorn.  This generates anxiety by the ego’s ideals, with the patriarchal cultural norms of mainstream belief systems.  The conscience know what it does.  This is not unconscious behaviour by this character.

Plus, Mars has a further quincunx, with this conjunction of Saturn-Neptune.  The anxiety of the ego’s ideals is one thing, however his communication desires also follow this path of conduct.

The planet Uranus at 5:19°Capricorn is conjunct Vesta, which is always indicative of hidden matters within the psyche. There is invariably an element of self-sacrifice when Vesta is in tension with a planet. On this occasion spontaniety and movement are the order of the day – jumping-jack-out-of-the-box, surprises.

A long-distance relationship with a life-partner would feed this desire for self-sacrifice, however being in the constellation of Capricorn brings the element of control to our attention with this aspect.  

This self-sacrifice aspect certainly sits well with the martyrdom desire of the Moon and driving need.  The risk for the success of such a relationship, lies with the  continuation of this self-sacrificial physical separation and the element of surprise.

This interpersonal aspect with a potential life-partner, leads us to check the position of Juno (a spouse) in the natal chart, which in this case is retrograde/indicative of possessiveness and jealousy – another indicator of a control mechanism. Juno Rx at 25°Leo is quindecile (symbolic of obsessive-compulsive behaviour) with Borasissi at 12°Aquarius.  Borasissi = lies a character tells themself in order to support their particular version of reality.

The weakest link in this horoscope is signified by the mean apogee/BML at 5:57°Libra.  This point in the cosmos is square to the planet of changeability, Uranus (plus Vesta, as we know already) thereby generating the anxiety for change without it being obvious.  The Uranus-Vesta conjunction is under further tension with a quincunx to Jupiter in Gemini; inflating further disregard for the consequences of his actions.

From this astrology interpretation, the change in choice of religion from that of the Church of the Latter Day Saints to a Pentacostal fundamentalist belief system, is sure to be a conscious decision based on fulfilling personal needs, rather than a directive from a higher source.